First-Time Set Up For Your Child

1. Look for an email from your child's teacher with their individual log-in information

Your teacher should have sent you an email containing: 

 - Your child's unique NYC DOE username (email address)

 - Your child's OSIS # (unique student ID)

 - Their class Google Classroom code  (NOTE,  new  codes  are  here)

2. Create a password for your child on the DOE website

In order to activate your child's DOW account, you must do the following once:

  1. Visit this DOE website.
  2. Enter your child's OSIS number (from your teacher) and date of birth
  3. On the next page, your child's username is displayed. Your child's email address is [username] For example, if your child's username is johndoe1 then their email address is Note that whenever prompted for username elsewhere, you should always enter the full email address.
  4. Click Continue to set a password. Choose something your child will remember. The only requirement is that it is 8 characters long.
  5. After clicking continue, the set-up process is complete. If you forget the password, you can repeat this process any time

3. Set up Google Classroom

The  main  platform  for  communicating  with  teachers,  viewing  assignments,  submitting  schoolwork,  etc  is  Google  Classroom..

Desktop  instructions

  1. Go  to

Device  instructions:

  1. Open  the  App  Store  (iOS)  or  Play  Store  (Android)
  2. Search  for  and  download  Google  Classroom

Then  follow  these  instructions:

  1. Make  sure  you  log  in  with  your  student’s  username  and  password  from  Step  1  above  (not  your  personal  if  you  have  a  personal  Google  Account).  Note  that  you  will  be  asked  for  your  child’s  email  address  twice,  this  is  expected.
  2. Click  the  +  icon to  join  a  class
  3. All  class  codes  are  here
  4. First,  join  the  class  from  your  child’s  teacher,  using  the  code  included  in  their  email  to  you  (same  as  referenced  in  Step  1  with  your  child’s  username)
  5. Then,  repeat  the  same  step  for  each  of  the  cluster  classes,  using  each  of  their  class  codes.

Voila,  you’re  up  and  running.  Navigate  between  Stream  and  Classwork  between  each  class  to  view  messages  from  the  teachers,  assignments,  etc.

4. Set up Zoom video conferencing

The  preferred  platform  for  live  video  sessions  is  Zoom.  

Desktop  instructions

  1. Click  the  link  given  to  you  by  the  host  of  the  meeting
  2. There  may  be  a  one-time  plug -in  installation  required

Device   instructions:

  1. Open  App  Store  (iOS)  or  Play  Store  (Android)
  2. Search  for  and  download  Zoom  Cloud  Meetings
  3. Open  the  app  and  enter  the  meeting  ID  from  the  person  inviting  you  (clicking  the  link  should  also  automatically  open  the  meeting  if  you  have  the  app  installed).

Did  you  run  into  any  issues?  No  problem,  just  contact  us  for  live  support  via  phone  or  video  call..